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Living... as an indestructible high school student in Odessa, Texas. And that’s not just the mindset of a teen who doesn’t know better. Claire can jump off an 80-foot mill, land flat on her stomach, pop a few bones back into place and go on with her day.

Profession... stressed-out student and cheerleader. SATs are around the corner with college applications coming after that. How can she focus on that when she learns she can’t die? Or can she? A man from the future comes with a message for another super-powered individual: “Save the cheerleader, save the world.” Save her from what?

Interests… surviving high school. And not just in the sense that someone or something is after her (thought it might be). More just making it through the day with her popularity intact and her grades up to par.

Relationship Status... interested in her hunky classmate Brody Mitchum. But obviously everything changes when he tries to rape her and accidentally kills her. But her regenerative powers mean she’s back in class the next day, and he has to pay for what he’s done.

Challenge... living with the fallout from the discovery of her powers. Being invulnerable makes her the target of attacks from some very scary, very mysterious enemies. And it leads to the unearthing of some devastating secrets from her past. What is The Company? And what would they do if they got their hands on her?          

Personality... curious, brave and humble, but also paranoid and scared about what her new abilities mean. She doesn’t hesitate to run into a burning building to help someone trapped inside, but she doesn’t want anyone to know she did it. She keeps quiet even as another cheerleader takes credit.

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