Cindy Mackenzie
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Cindy Mackenzie

Veronica Mars

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About Her

Grew Up… comfortably in a middle-class family. Mac is different from the rest of the blonde, all-American Mackenzies – she's a computer nerd with brown hair and darker complexion.

Living… in her parent’s home. It is clear from her room that Mac has been passionate about technology for a long time. Mac enjoys programming and is most comfortable in front of a glowing screen. 

Profession… high school student who earns cash in exchange for tech favors. Mac met Veronica Mars when she became involved in one of Veronica's investigation, and the two hit it off. The pair became close, with Mac acting as “the Q” to Veronica’s “James Bond.” 

Interests… computer programming. Her skills include hacking, finding deeply buried information, creating websites and building video games. She’s still a normal teenage girl underneath it all who yearns to be popular and for boys to notice her. Unfortunately, most of the popular kids are rude, entitled, or mean.

Relationship Status… single. Mac certainly wouldn’t mind having a boyfriend, though she is inexperienced in even the most basic forms of communication with the opposite sex.

Challenge… getting close to Veronica without getting into trouble. Unlike Wallace, Mac isn’t often pulled into Veronica’s cases. Mac rarely gets into trouble or is asked to join Veronica on the front lines. Usually, it’s just a small hacking job or obtaining some information about a suspect. Mac’s friendship with Veronica, therefore, is less intimate, since they’ve never experienced real danger together, like Wallace and Veronica have.

Personality… brilliant, loyal, and friendly. She’s not rude or unkind to anyone even if they deserve it. She’s mostly shy and a little subdued, but she will speak her mind when it comes to her friends. Mac’s not popular, often just blending into her surroundings. This is possibly for the best, because she doesn't get in trouble or attract unwanted attention over her often-illegal programming activities.

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