Cindy Brady
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Cindy Brady

The Brady Bunch

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Living… in Los Angeles in the shadow of her five older siblings – Greg, Marcia, Jan, Peter and Bobby. Being the youngest of six can be difficult. When her older siblings feel the need for more independence, Cindy can’t help but take it to heart. From her perspective, that must mean they want independence from her.

Profession… student. Cindy had the misfortune of developing a lisp – basically an open invitation for bullies like Buddy Hinton. For a while, school was torture. Like Jan, she feels pressure to equal Marcia’s success in extracurricular activities, and so far shows the most promise in the school’s drama department.

Interests… her doll. Cindy’s world collapsed when she lost her beloved doll, Kitty Karry-All, and accused her brother Bobby of stealing it. She felt terrible when she realized the family dog, Tiger, had taken Kitty. Aside from her doll, Cindy enjoys playing jacks and performing in plays.

Relationship Status… starting to materialize. Cindy wants to be more mature than her age, thinking that will make the boys look at her the way they look at Marcia. Bobby once arranged for his friend Tommy to pose as her secret admirer. Tommy was put-off by her pretensions at first, but once she acted her age, Tommy started to develop a real crush on her. That threw her for a loop.

Challenge… leaving behind her childhood habits. Cindy’s penchant for tattling has alienated her friends and siblings in the past. Once she even had Sam the Butcher convinced that Alice (his girlfriend and the Bradys’ beloved housekeeper) was cheating on him with the mailman. Cindy can make small decisions that have big effects on her siblings – like when she absent-mindedly places Marcia’s diary among books that were to be donated. Her siblings love her; they just can’t wait for her to grow up.

Personality… naïve. She developed a fear of the dark after seeing a magic show with a “disappearing lady.” Her attempts to be “mature” are adorable, as are her dreams of becoming a model. Her one-time stint on a kids’ quiz show had her convinced she was the next Shirley Temple. But she’s showed courage and character in times of crisis. She’s on her way!

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