Street Fighter
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up... with her father until he was murdered by the crime lord M. Bison. After mourning his death, Chun-Li swore to never cry again and trained with Kung-Fu master and family friend Gen so she could one day avenge her father.

Living... around the world. Chun-Li’s quest for answers takes her to many different places where Bison’s criminal network, Shadaloo, operates. Bison’s involvement with the World Warrior Tournament leads her to enter the fighting tournament.

Profession... Interpol agent. As an international investigator, Chun-Li learns about her father’s death at the Bison’s hands. As a skilled fighter with a strong sense of justice, she also uses her role to fight evil wherever it may be.

Interests… honing her skills. Chun-Li’s mission in life is to bring down the evil M. Bison, but she must first dedicate herself to becoming the best warrior she can be.

Relationship Status... single. Like many fighters at the World Warrior Tournament, Chun-Li’s singular, passionate drive leaves her with little time for much else. So, despite being considered very attractive by many, she is still single.

Challenge... winning the tournament. The only way Chun-Li can stop Bison once and for all is to face him at the end of his own fighting tournament. But to get there, she’ll have to go through some powerful foes. Fortunately, she packs some pretty powerful moves of her own, including her signature technique: the “spinning bird kick."                                                                          

Personality... strong and just. Chun-Li proudly proclaims that she is “the strongest woman in the world” and she’s probably right. She is so dedicated to using her strength against evil that she feels anxious when not fighting crime. 


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