Chuck Yeager
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Chuck Yeager

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About Him

Overview... a record-breaking test pilot. The former World War II hero now lives and works on an Air Force base in California where he regularly flies planes on dangerous test runs. When he becomes the first pilot to break the sound barrier, Yeager kicks off an era of innovation in aeronautics and space travel. But without a college degree, he may not be able to participate in the 1960s space race he helped launch.  

Personality... brave, adventurous, impulsive, and rugged. Moreso than anyone, Yeager has “the right stuff” to be a pilot. He may not be the most disciplined or even the most professional, but his fearlessness pushes him to great heights (quite literally). Though he’s a war veteran, Yeager feels more like a free-spirited cowboy than a military man.

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