Christopher Turk

Christopher Turk

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… enjoying competition. Turk “played everything” in high school, and his competitive instincts haven’t changed since he was a teenager. Even as a surgical intern, he sees the hospital as a place to prove himself.

Living… with his best friend and co-worker, J.D. The two friends, who’ve known each other since college, have developed an epic bromance. They both recognize that they’re “sort of” married to each other.

Profession… surgical intern at Sacred Heart teaching hospital. He enjoys the pressure and fast pace: “This morning, I had my hands inside of a guy’s chest. I couldn’t even see them! I should not be allowed to do stuff like that. Whazzup!”

Interests… being the best. Turk always likes to one-up everyone around him, even his girlfriend, the Latina nurse Carla Espinosa: “Her not knowing I understand Spanish is like having a secret power. It got me flapjacks for dinner.”

Relationship Status… intense. Turk’s relationship with Carla is tumultuous. The fact that they love each other doesn’t keep them from getting into fights about almost everything.

Challenge… getting over himself. Turk’s confidence can verge on arrogance. He knows that he’s a gifted surgeon, and constantly celebrates his accomplishments in front of his co-workers. Though he has at times admitted to his best friend, J.D., that being a surgeon is scary and difficult.

Personality… haughty, yet ultimately lovable. Turk puts up a tough front, but everyone at Sacred Heart knows that he’s soft inside. He sees himself as the resident expert on hip-hop culture, often answering J.D.’s questions on the subject: “Many disadvantaged African-Americans have limited nutritional choices, therefore they must subsist on Ho-Ho snack cakes. It’s a black thing, bra.”


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