Christopher Moltisanti
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Christopher Moltisanti

The Sopranos

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About Him

Grew up… without his father, who was killed when Chris was young. Luckily, his dad’s good friend Tony Soprano looked after Chris. Tony affectionately refers to Chris as his “nephew,” though he’s actually a cousin to Tony’s wife, Carmela.

Living… fairly well for a young guy. Chris is still coming up in the “business” world. He’s making good money, but it’s hard to match his huge expectations for his life. “Like, everybody starts out somewhere,” he once explains to fellow “soldier” Paulie. “And they do something, something gets done to them, and it changes their life. That’s called an ‘arc.’ Where’s my arc?”

Profession… enforcer for Tony Soprano and his organized crime family. Christopher collects payments and administers punishments. Working for Tony isn’t proving to be as glamorous as he thought it’d be. Life, unfortunately for Christopher, is not much like The Godfather. Sometimes he wonders if this is all there is: “There was a time in my life when being with Tony Soprano’s crew was all I ever dreamed of. So what am I doing?”

Interests… mob life. Christopher loves all of the cultural associations of being involved with the Italian mafia. He speaks a language that he learned more from gangster movies than he did from the actual streets. “When you’re bleeding a guy, you don’t squeeze him dry right away,” he says about extortion. “Contrarily you let him do his bidding suavely. So you can bleed him next week and the week after, at minimum.”

Relationship Status… in a long-term relationship with Adriana La Cerva. Chris and Adriana, despite their sometimes abusive and tumultuous relationship, have a strong and passionate bond. But especially given the dangerous world they live in, will they end up combusting?

Challenge… rising up in the mafia ranks. Christopher wants to be a glamorous gangster, but he’s having trouble getting recognized by the leaders of North Jersey: “It’s not like I’m getting somewhere playing by the rules.” His impatience and impetuousness could get him in big trouble.

Personality… immature, irresponsible, and capricious. Chris’s various addictions often get in the way of his business ventures, which isn’t doing him any favors in the eyes of his boss and mentor, Tony Soprano. Tony is basically family, but even his indulgence with Chris’ excesses may have a limit.

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