Christine Brown
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Christine Brown

Drag Me to Hell

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About Her

Living… a great life in Los Angeles. Christine has a great boyfriend, a potential promotion at work, and an incredibly adorable new kitten.

Profession… bank loan officer. Christine is in charge of deciding whether or not to offer loans to clients at the bank. She's competent and likes her job, but she has her eyes set on greener pastures: the position of assistant manager, for which her only competition is the new guy, Stu. All Christine needs to do to clinch the promotion is prove to her boss that she can make “hard decisions.”

Interests… her job and her boyfriend. A goal-oriented young woman, Christine is trying to build the kind of stable, middle-class existence that will last the rest of her life. As such, she's looking for a better professional position and a more serious relationship with her boyfriend.

Relationship status… dating Clay Barton, a college professor and ideal boyfriend. Considerate, sweet, understanding, and loyal, Clay and Christine’s relationship is healthy and improves the lives of both participants. They’re both young– but things look like they might be moving towards a lifelong commitment.

Challenge… escaping a gypsy curse. See, Christine recently had a tough day at the office. In an effort to prove that she was able to make difficult decisions, Christine denied an old gypsy’s application for a third mortgage extension, angering the old woman so much she cast a foul curse upon Christine. Now, a powerful demon called the Lamia is afoot, and its only goal is to torment its victim– Christine– for three days and then drags her to hell to burn forever. As the latest target of the Lamia’s wrath, Christine has 72 hours to break the curse– or she’ll suffer a fate far worse than death.

Personality… responsible, ambitious, and kind. Christine is a generally good person. Of course, a lifetime of good deeds isn’t enough to save you from hell when you’ve been the target of the gypsy curse. Scared and desperate to avoid the worst fate imaginable, Christine’s commitment, strength of character, and resourcefulness will be tested in the next 72 hours as she tries to stay one step ahead of the devil.

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