Christina Pagniacci
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Christina Pagniacci

Any Given Sunday

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Grew Up… learning everything she needed to know about football from her father, the former owner and general manager of the Miami Sharks. Christina, who also carries an MBA from Cornell, has her father’s stubbornness (but not his loyalty). 

Living… in her father’s shadow. Having recently inherited the team, Christina is finding it difficult to live up to the great expectations set by her father’s winning record.

Profession… owner and general manager of the Miami Sharks. Christina looks at the team like a business. As a result, she’s begun to make what seem like unreasonable demands on the football league and the city of Miami.

Interests… getting the Miami Sharks back on track. Christina believes that the veteran head coach, Tony D’Amato, has run out of steam. His old-school style of coaching can’t keep up with the newer, faster-paced football being played in the league. At least, that's how she sees it.

Challenge… keeping the team out of Tony D’Amato’s hands. Tony feels like he’s gotten a raw deal in Miami; he believes that the team is headed in the wrong direction and is not hesitant to voice his disagreement with Christina. She has to prove that this is her territory now. She prefers the direct approaching, including yelling at him, “Why the hell do you think my father put me in charge, you bullheaded moron?

Personality… ruthless, single-minded and hungry for power. Christina wants nothing more than to win. Her motto is, “No intensity, no victory.” It's definitely not easy being a woman in a man's game, but Christina's sometimes abrasive methods don't make it any easier on herself.

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