Chrissy Snow
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Chrissy Snow

Three's Company

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About Her

Living… with two roommates, one of whom (the guy) she pretends is gay. Janet and Chrissy needed someone to fill the third room in their breezy Santa Monica apartment, but their prude landlord wouldn’t let their friend Jack stay with two single girls. And so a lie was born – and a seven-year series of misunderstandings began.

Profession… secretary. But Chrissy dreams of being rich one day. If she does make millions, it won’t be with her brains – Chrissy is a world-class ditz. Fortunately, she has been blessed with good looks.

Relationship Status… single. She wears her bleach-blonde hair in bouncy ponytails and it draws a lot of attention from men, along with some of her other notable assets. Sometimes she’s too clueless to notice, though, and does little but spout off a series of unfortunate double-entendres.

Challenge… finding love under the judgmental watch of her landlord, Mr. Roper. He doesn’t want the young women in his building dating, so Chrissy, Jack, and Janet resort to sneaking around.

Personality… spacey, pretty, and fun-loving. Only Chrissy would tell a teenage girl, “When I was your age, I was 13, too.” The daughter of a preacher from Fresno, Chrissy was shielded from the more unsavory aspects of adult life until she moved to the big city. She’s oblivious to details and completely lacking in self-awareness, so no one is surprised when she starts dating a clearly married man, or is picked up by a cop who assumes she’s a prostitute. Chrissy is so good-natured, though, that it’s hard for anybody to stay mad at her for very long.

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