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Living… alone in apartment 208 in New York City. Although compact, his home is well-lit with many windows and organised with a work desk and an open-counter kitchen. He has an abundance of black and white photographs that adorn his walls.

Interests… photography. He makes sure to bring his camera with him at all times in case he finds inspiration or is feeling curious. Chris loves capturing moments that he finds beautiful or fascinating. He tries to take photos covertly to capture a candid shot, but someone should remind him to turn off the flash. 

Relationship Status… happily taken, by Rose Armitage. They’ve been dating for five months and have a loving and playful relationship, often seen joking around. If he’s missing his toothbrush or his “cozy clothes”, he can always count on Rose’s attentiveness to remind him to pack his essentials. 

Challenge… his interracial relationship with Rose. Chris feels hesitant and anxious because he thinks Rose’s parents will be against their Caucasian daughter dating him because of his ethnicity. In fact, she hasn’t mentioned him to her parents yet. Rose assures him that they will welcome him with open arms, or even treat him just like family…

Personality… friendly, observant, and quick-witted. Chris is always open to conversation and gets along with the people around him. He makes friendly chatter regardless of the person he’s with and has also developed meaningful relationships where he can feel free to make jokes around. As a photographer, he is naturally aware of his surroundings, but he is also observant in sensing momentary changes in people and situations. Coupled with his sharpness, you can be sure that Chris can get out of a sticky situation. 

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