Chris Ostreicher
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Chris Ostreicher

American Pie

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About Him

Grew Up… with the name of Chris Ostreicher. But don't call him that. His friends all call him Oz. 

Living… with a bad reputation, in western Michigan. Oz needs to revise his image if he wants to score women, or at least more-reputable women. The self-proclaimed “Nova” (as in, Casanova) isn’t having much luck with his masculine, athletic persona. He needs to get in touch with his sensitive side.

Profession… high school student and star athlete. Oz is one of the best players on the school’s lacrosse team.

Interests… sports and women. But now Oz has taken a newfound interest in singing. He’s joined the school Jazz Choir in an attempt to make himself appear more attractive to women. Playing the role of the Renaissance Man is much easier than he thought. As he explains to a dubious Steve Stifler, “You ask them questions... and listen to what they have to say.” Yep, that’s his “secret.”

Relationship Status… in pursuit of Heather, his fellow choir singer. Oz is looking to impress the blonde soprano with his smooth tone, in more ways than one.

Challenge… losing his virginity on prom night. Oz has entered into a pact with the rest of his friends to “go all the way” before they finish high school. Oz appears to be leading the charge with his singing abilities and keen listening skills, but Heather doesn’t seem like the kind of girl who wants to be part of some “pact.” If she finds out, it could ruin everything.

Personality… friendly and (as it turns out) sensitive. Although he comes across as cocky, the truth is that he’s just a shy and compassionate young man who is looking for love.

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