Chris Miles

Chris Miles

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in Bristol, usually alone. Chris is supposed to be staying with his mom, but she runs off pretty frequently. As a result, he has the place to himself and can get up to as much mischief as he likes. It’s house parties all day, every day.

Profession… student. Chris is pretty indifferent when it comes to his education. He never tries hard or feels the need to hit the books regardless of how poor his grades are. The only class he really enjoys is psychology, but that’s just because his teacher is hot.

Interests… doing drugs and taking care of pet fish. Sometimes he combines his two passions by letting his pet fish do drugs. It’s a pretty strange pastime, but then again, Chris is a pretty strange guy.

Relationship Status… single. Chris has one night stands with a lot of girls, but he has a real soft spot for his pretty, young psych teacher, Angie. She is totally off limits, but that doesn’t stop him from carrying her books and inviting her to parties. In fact, her forbidden just seems to make Chris’ attraction to her even stronger.

Challenge… taking care of himself. Chris’ mother has run away again, leaving behind one thousand pounds as a parting gift. A nice, sensible lad would plan a budget or use it only during emergencies, but Chris just isn’t that type of guy. Now he’s run out of cash, luck, and, worst of all, drugs.

Personality... outgoing and rowdy, Chris is the ultimate party animal. Loud music, drunken brawls, vodka, and vomit - he thrives on all of it. If you’re looking for a wild night out, Chris is your man. But be warned. Sometimes, he gets up to some pretty weird stuff. Chris’ idea of a great evening? “Songs, choir girls, colorful costumes, fellatio…rabbits.”


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