Chris MacNeil
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Chris MacNeil

The Exorcist

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Living… in Los Angeles, at least, most of the time. As a famous actress Chris MacNeil spends most of her time in Hollywood, but has recently been asked to relocate for work.

Visiting… Georgetown University in Washington D.C., the site of Chris’ latest film shoot.

Profession… actress. Chris is proud to say she’s gained a bit of notoriety in the past decade or so, but her career still comes second to her daughter, Regan MacNeil – who has been acting strangely ever since the move.

Interests… understanding what’s happening to her daughter, and helping her. Regan has been a sweet, even-tempered little girl her whole life, but has recently become violent and hateful, lashing out at anyone she comes into contact with. With no explanation for her daughters worsening condition, and time running out, Chris will leave no stone unturned in her search for the root of her daughter’s illness.

Relationship Status… recently divorced. Now would be precisely the time when it would be great to have another parent around – but try telling that to Regan’s father, who doesn’t even call on his daughter’s birthday.

Challenge… saving her daughter. Unfortunately, no one can even tell Chris what’s wrong with her. The scans show no physical abnormalities and she doesn’t respond to pills – she appears to be a perfectly healthy little girl. With no clear course of action, and Regan becoming less like her daughter by the day, Chris is willing to turn to spiritual methods of treatment. An avowed agnostic, Chris is forced to entrust her daughter’s fate to an exorcism.

Personality… charismatic and passionate. It’s easy to see why Chris was able to enjoy success as an actress. Under better circumstances she might be easy-going and fun. But in light of her recent divorce and her daughter’s possession by demonic forces, she’s becoming increasingly angry and haggard. She wants to be hopeful, but seems to live in a godless world where the devil is very, very real.

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