Chris Larabee Adams
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Chris Larabee Adams

The Magnificent Seven

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About Him

Grew Up… without much. Chris Adams is a product of the frontier, raised on the rough, and with a strong sense of independence. His hard-working mentality and stoic demeanor are the result of being brought up with the values of the cowboy code.

Living… in the West, just north of the Mexican border. The desert surrounds everything, threatening to consume it. Chris Adams lives in a world where justice is more an idea than a reality. Duty to others isn’t enforced; it’s bought. Yet in the case of Chris Adams, duty is matter of principle.

Profession… gunslinger. Chris Adams has lived by the gun his whole life and isn’t about to stop. He’s always looking for work and always ready for action. When the villagers of a town south of the boarder approach him for protection from bandits, it appears that the action has come to him.

Interests… cigars. He can usually be seen with a smoke between his lips. He sports all-black attire, from boots to hat, and displays disinterest toward the look and feel of guns. Guns aren’t cool to Chris Adams—they’re useful.

Relationship Status… single. Chris is an individualistic, dangerous man – though also a principled man. He’s attractive in some ways, yet he’s far from a romantic. 

Challenge… protecting the village from Calvera and his marauding bandits. After Chris is approached by the desperate Mexican villagers, he puts together a team of six gunslingers, led by him, to protect them. In the face of daunting odds, Chris’ challenge is to stick to his guns, literally and figuratively. The costs of protecting the town far outweigh the payment, yet Chris is a man of principle. Needing to convince the other six to stay, he appeals to their sense of right and wrong, “You forget one thing. We took a contract,” he says. “It’s sure not the kind any court would enforce,” one of his gunmen responds. “That’s just the kind you’ve got to keep.”

Personality… strong, quiet, and resolute. Chris Adams is a man of his word – though he doesn’t feel the need to say too much. He’s also a man of action; a sharp shooter, who understands what it means to do what you said you would, with no thought for your own safety. Chris is also a good leader, inspiring others to adopt the sense of duty he carries with him into his work.

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