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Living... in Pasadena, California, among the finest minds in the country. One of the top students in his college, Chris is smart, even by Pacific Tech standards.  

Profession... scientist. Though still a senior at Pacific Tech, Chris is already well-respected in the scientific community, and he's currently doing research for the CIA. With his young roommate, the socially awkward Mitch Taylor, Chris is helping the government create a deadly, powerful laser. Well, he's more interested in the science behind the laser; he hasn't thought much about its potential uses.

Interests... partying hard and causing trouble. Chris might be smart, but he knows how to have fun, too. He's hosted mutant hamster races and a Madame Curie look-alike contest. But some of the other students didn't want anything to do with his antics; they're too serious to know how to let loose, even once in a while.

Relationship Status... single and loving it. Although there are 670 guys at Pacific Tech and only 136 girls, he does pretty well. The other guys are so stuffy and terrible with women, he basically wins by default.

Challenge... doing the right thing at his job. Although he loves science, Chris is less keen on how his bosses want to use his skills. The time has come: Chris is tired of being used, and he's not going to put up with it anymore. As he says, "I'm going to take responsibility for my own brain."

Personality... one of the coolest "nerds" you will ever meet. Chris is brilliant, but he doesn’t take himself or anyone else too seriously. And while he might not be what you'd call a good influence, Chris's free spirit certainly helps fellow students like Mitch learn to relax.

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