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Chris Keller


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Grew up… having to fend for himself. Chris claims that he only kills because he has to, not out of sadistic sport. Despite what appears to be bloodlust, Keller claims to have a kind of empathy that is foreign to most of the other inmates.

Living… in the same cell as Tobias Beecher in Oswald State Penitentiary, or “Oz.” Keller extends what appears to be a loving hand to Beecher, who is also in need of companionship. Though Keller puts on a caring face, he is actually acting under the supervision of Beecher’s rival, Vern Schillinger. As Keller tells Schillinger, “I am the key. Beecher loves me.”

Profession… prison inmate, and gun for hire. Keller originally allies himself with the Aryan Brotherhood in order to pay a debt to their leader, Vern Schillinger, though he has no deep loyalty to anyone.

Interests… relieving his strong sexual urges. The bisexual Keller is not shy when it comes to discussing sexuality. He goes as far as trying to prod Sister Peter Marie, a nun, into a sexual relationship. “I like sex,” he tells her. “Don’t you?”

Relationship Status… in love with Tobias Beecher. At first, Keller only feigns a deep romantic interest in his cellmate. But as the two become closer, Keller’s feelings become real, and more intense.

Challenge… being honest with himself. Keller feels a deep sense of regret when it comes to his romantic entanglements, but admits to feeling little remorse about his crimes or his murders. Beecher is not the first person that Keller has manipulated. He wants to atone (or says he does, anyway) for his mistreatment of his ex-wife, Bonnie: “When I met her, she was all alone, and very unhappy, so I knew it’d be easy to get her to fall in love with me.”

Personality… manipulative and sadistic. Keller won’t hesitate to kill or maim anyone who gets in his way, though he pours his heart into his confessions with Sister Peter Marie. “I am worthless,” he says in one of his tear-filled confessions. “As bad as they come.” But it’s difficult to tell when Keller is being honest, and when he’s using his Machiavellian skills to gain sympathy. 

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