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Chris Harper

Calendar Girls

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About Her

Living... in the Yorkshire village of Knapely with her husband, Rod.

Profession... member of the Womens Institute, or WI for short. She only joined the WI to make her mother happy. After all, she can't cook and hates the plum jam they sell.

Interests... wanting to raise money for cancer in memory of a John Clarke, the husband of her good friend Annie who died. Chris spent countless hours at the hospital with Annie and him and was appalled that cancer patients and their families don’t even have proper couches to sit on. She had do so something about that. And after she saw her son with an adult magazine called Bazooka City and a nude poster her mechanic had, she got a brilliant but rather unconventional idea ­– selling a poster featuring all of the middle aged women of WI doing household chores in the nude. She just has to find 11 other WI women to do it with her.

Relationship Status... happily married. Though her efforts to make a nude poster are putting some strains on their relationship. And Annie’s son is not sure he is ready for his mom to show her “bazookas” to the world.

Challenge... getting their calendar approved without tearing apart the Institute. They may have to do it without WI council approval. As she says, “If it means that our fundraising efforts get closer to killing off this [crappy], cheating, sly, conniving bloody disease that cancer is, oh God, I tell you, I'd run round Skipton market naked, smeared in plum jam, wearing nothing but a knitted tea cosy on me head.”

Personality... high-spirited, headstrong, funny, and caring. Chris is one of the best friends you could have. For someone she cares about, she would do anything for them. And we mean anything!

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