Chon Wang
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Chon Wang

Shanghai Noon

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About Him

Grew Up… as a servant in China's Forbidden City. Chon, an Imperial Guard, is tasked with the protection of the Emperor and his daughter, the beautiful Princess Pei Pei.

Visiting… America’s 19th century Wild West. Princess Pei Pei attempts to flee to the United States in order to avoid a dreaded arranged marriage, but discovers she’s actually been kidnapped. Chon Wang accompanies a team of Imperial Guards to go and rescue her.

Profession… guard and servant to the almighty Emperor of China. Chon is an especially formidable warrior, trained in martial arts.

Relationship Status… complicated. Chon dreams of living “happily ever after” with the beautiful Princess Pei Pei. That’s one reason why he was keen to come to America and search for her. It might not be a very realistic goal, however, but at least Chon can enjoy the new friendship of a playful local cowboy, Roy O'Bannon.

Challenge… locating the Princess Pei Pei and learning the odd ways of the Wild West. Chon is separated from the other Imperial Guards during a train robbery, leaving him to find his own way to Carson City, Nevada. Luckily, he has Roy to help him, though Roy often seems to need more help than Chon.

Personality… wise and tough, though ignorant of the culture of the West. Chon finds that his Eastern wisdom often clashes with Western pragmatism. He doesn’t understand Americans’ odd manners, such as when Roy offers to shake on a deal, leading Chon to (reasonably) ask, “Why are you spitting in your hand?” Chon may be a fish out of water, but he is an excellent sport about it – and far more capable than the cowboys he meets seem to realize.

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