Chloe O'Brian
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Chloe O'Brian


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Grew up… in front of a computer. Chloe has always been a computer nerd of sorts, but that doesn’t mean that she’s shy. In fact, Chloe has a habit of being a bit too forward. “I was inappropriately blunt,” she says to a colleague. “Sorry, I do that a lot.”

Living… in front of a computer terminal at the Counter Terrorism Unit’s Los Angeles headquarters. Chloe, who used to work in Washington D.C., isn’t used to the beautiful L.A. weather. Not that she’ll be seeing much of the outdoors.

Profession… analyst at CTU Los Angeles. For someone who primarily works with computers, Chloe finds herself in many perilous situations. It’s her job to protect the United States from a terrorist attack, and she’s willing to use any means possible to help her boss, Jack Bauer, carry out his missions. She doesn’t tolerate anyone standing in her way, friend or foe: “Oh, come on. It’s called national security!

Relationship Status… divorced. Chloe doesn’t talk much about her ex-husband, though she’s implied that things between them didn’t end well. Then again, Chloe doesn’t exactly dish out the compliments. As she admits, “I’m not good with praise.”

Challenge… protecting the United States, no matter the cost. Chloe’s stressful job has taken a toll over the years. When innocent lives are at stake, there is never a moment to relax. She’s also lost a lot of friends and co-workers at CTU. She once despaired, “Why do people I know keep dying?”

Personality… curt, rude and often awkward. Chloe is tough when she needs to be, though she’s also capable of being kind. “OK… Jack,” she says to her boss, “I just want you to know that if you ever need anyone to talk to, as a friend, I’m here for you.” Fortunately Jack isn’t a big talker, so Chloe didn’t have to listen and empathize; that’s not really her strength. But if you need someone to use technology to help stop a terrorist, Chloe’s the best.

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