Chili Palmer
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Chili Palmer

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About Him

Living... in Miami, but he travels a lot for his work as a loan shark.

Visiting... Los Angeles. Chili came there to collect from the widow of a Miami dry-cleaner named Leo Devoe who owed $300K to “Bones" Barboni, a Mafia boss. “Bones” heard she has the money because she received an insurance settlement after Leo’s plane crashed. But when Chili comes to collect the money, he finds out that Leo is alive and partying in Las Vegas – apparently quite happy that he scammed the airline out of $300K.

Profession... loan shark. It’s not an easy job; he’s been shot at three times before.  But Chili likes his other assignment in Hollywood – collecting money from Harry Zimm, a producer of horror films, including “The Slime People.” Chili is a huge movie buff, and they hit it off. 

Relationship Status... attracted to Harry's girlfriend, an actress named Karen. Chili thinks Karen can do better than Harry and the movies he stars her in – wearing a tight tank top and sky-inch heels, screaming on cue. Of course, Chili thinks she deserves someone like him.

Challenge... trying to get into the movie business. When he went to collect the money from Harry, Chili told him about a movie idea he has that is based on his experience with Leo. The good news is that the idea has caught the interest of big time actor Martin Weir. But the bad news is that gangsters are trying to get in on Chili’s action. The movie business is harder than Chili thought it would be. As he says, “I'm gonna have to go back to loan-sharking just to take a rest.”

Personality... chatty, cocky, and over-the-top. Chili also thinks he’s a tough guy. As he says, "If you were to cast me in a movie, I could see myself in the parts that Robert De Niro plays. Or maybe even, an Al Pacino movie." 

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