Chidi Anagonye

Chidi Anagonye

    The Good Place

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... indecisively, in Senegal. Ever since he was a kid, Chidi’s been timid in his approach to life. He lives in fear of making a mistake.

Living... in The Good Place. That’s where truly virtuous people go where they die. It’s a haven where every need is taken care of and every whim is met. That means Chidi is given his dream house and the promise of meeting his soul mate.

Profession... ethics professor. At least that’s what Chidi did before he died. Although no one needs to work for a living in The Good Place, Chidi quickly finds himself roped into teaching ethics once again.

Interests... enjoying The Good Place’s surplus of frozen yogurt and working on his book, which was partially titled Who We Are And Who We Are Not: Practical Ethics And Their Application in The Modern World.

Relationship Status... it’s complicated. Everyone in The Good Place is paired with their one true soul mate. But in Chidi’s case, there was a bit of a mix-up. Eleanor Shellstrop – the do-gooder lawyer he was destined to love – was accidentally replaced by another Eleanor Shellstrop, the selfish saleswoman who mistakenly took her place. And since Chidi never found his soul mate on Earth, he’s especially disappointed to miss out on meeting her in the afterlife too.

Challenge... teaching Eleanor to be a better person. Rather than report her to the neighborhood “architect” Michael, Chidi agrees to help Eleanor become a better person through ethics lessons. Unfortunately, that proves to be quite the challenge: Eleanor would rather get drunk and goof off than pick up a book or pay attention. Yet the stakes for teaching Eleanor couldn’t be higher. Her bad behavior is quite literally tearing The Good Place apart.

Personality... intelligent, anxious, non-confrontational, and kind. Chidi is deeply committed to ethics; he always wants to do the right thing. But setting such high standards for himself means he’s often anxious and unsure. He can waste a lot of time weighing his options and exploring different viewpoints. Above all, however, Chidi is generous and selfless. He always puts others before himself.


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