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Living... in St. Louis, Missouri. She’s just a child herself, and soon teenage Cheyenne will be welcoming her baby into the world. She is seven months pregnant.

Profession... Cloud 9 superstore employee for the makeup and jewelry counters. She prides herself on knowing what is in style with the younger customers in the store. 

Interests... gossiping. Whenever she gets the chance she will talk about all celebrity and store gossip with her coworkers and good friends, Mateo and Garrett.

Relationship status... dating her high-school boyfriend, Bo, the father of her unborn child. They are both free spirits and fun-loving. Cheyenne is starting to realize she must become more responsible since she’ll be a parent soon, and she inspires Bo to follow her lead. 

Challenge... maintaining her optimism. Cheyenne has always tried to make the best of most situations, but she is becoming a bit daunted by what lies in front of her. Not only is she soon to be welcoming a baby, but she also feels that she’s becoming the parent of immature Bo.  Cheyenne is overwhelmed with the responsibilities she’ll have as a mom. As she says, “I have never even driven on the highway before. What if the baby needs to go downtown?” Thankfully, her manager Amy is taking her under her wing since she was also a teen mom. Cheyenne is grateful to Amy for her unwavering support.

Personality... bubbly, warm, and funny. Some of her more cynical coworkers consider Cheyenne to be naïve. But what is clear is that her positivity makes many smile just from being around her. 

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