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Living… in the Tunt family mansion with her pet ocelot Babout. Cheryl is a descendant of the railroad tycoon Cornelius Tunt. Her parents’ recent untimely death made her the recipient of a $1 billion inheritance, which she split with her brother Cecil.

Profession… secretary to Malory Archer, CEO of ISIS (International Secret Intelligence Service). Cheryl may be the single most incompetent employee at ISIS, which is no easy feat. Inappropriate, sexually adventurous, and completely insane, the only reason Cheryl still has a job is because she works at ISIS – probably the most dysfunctional office in the entire world. When asked to do something, Cheryl can be counted on to respond with “you’re not my supervisor!” This holds true even if you are, in fact, her supervisor.

Interests… sniffing glue, eating LSD-spiked gummy bears, arson, violent sex, and macramé. If it seems like an activity an unhinged person would engage in, Cheryl is probably into it.

Relationship Status… single, though prone to flings. Cheryl’s lovers include Sterling Archer, Pam Poovey, and Cyril Figgis. Her many sadomachistic pleasures include being choked during sex. Her sex drive sometimes gets the better of her, and Cheryl has admitted to committing arson in order to get a chance to flirt with firemen.

Challenge… surviving employment with ISIS. As the single most incompetent spy outfit in the world, every employee at ISIS regularly finds his or herself plunged into mortal danger. The source might be the KGB, pirates, or murderous androids, but the ISIS office never wants for excitement. When Cheryl isn’t focusing on staying alive, she’s struggling to survive under the weight of her neurosis’ and addictions. 

Personality… unpredictable. Cheryl is certifiably insane, and her temperament can be incredibly laidback or incredibly hotheaded depending on the day. Her two constants are that she’s selfish and unintelligent. Still, despite Cheryl’s long list of bad qualities, she isn’t totally useless. Her brand of psychopathy is prized at ISIS, where you have to be crazy just to get through the day.

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