Cheryl David
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Cheryl David

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Living... in Westside Los Angeles in a large house with her husband Larry. Cheryl enjoys having people over for events including dinner parties and intimate concerts, but agrees with Larry on the house being kept relatively low-key and not overly showy despite their wealth.

Profession... former actress. Now Cheryl is primarily supported (and quite well) by Larry, but involves herself in various activities to stay busy. These include working as an advocate on environmental issues and a brief attempt at a comeback as an actor.

Interests... being around people, entertaining. Cheryl thrives in social interactions and enjoys entertaining friends and family at the house, but especially enjoys going out, which makes sense considering the other option is being at home alone with Larry.

Relationship Status... in a sometimes rocky marriage, mostly due to Larry's antics. But as Cheryl puts it, "Maybe we really do belong together.” They appear in public together far more often than separately, and although sometimes it seems that Cheryl is living with a child rather than an adult husband, they almost always work through their disagreements.

Challenge... becoming more than just her husband's spouse. Cheryl lives most of her life next to Larry -- spending time with him and his friends, working around the problems he creates, and constantly having to be associated with his bad behavior. She is loving and loyal to her husband but can't help having some resentment for the relationship as her personal life is completely consumed by their life together. Plus she often tires of his need to endlessly argue and debate every last thing, often throwing in the towel in frustrated resignation.

Personality... friendly, loyal and forgiving, though no-nonsense. One of Cheryl's main roles is seemingly to keep Larry in check. She often has to show him right from wrong or how to correct a problem he has created, but will almost always defend him publically and give him another chance no matter how badly he has acted. Few others would have the patience around Larry that she does. He's a lucky man to have her. 

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