Cheryl Blossom

Cheryl Blossom


Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… in her family’s mansion, Thornhill, in the small town of Riverdale. She and her twin brother Jason grew up there, but the other residents of Riverdale think the mansion is creepy—it even has its own graveyard.

Living… in shock. Jason, Cheryl’s twin brother and best friend, died mysteriously over the summer. Everyone is saying that he was murdered. Now Cheryl has to figure out how to live without her twin, who usually protected her.

Profession… high school student, heiress, and mean girl. Cheryl was raised by her rather elitist mother, and she walks around her high school like she owns it. That’s backed up by her wealth and her good looks, as well as her ability to manipulate people.

Interests… cheerleading. Cheryl is captain of the Vixens, Riverdale High’s cheerleading squad. She believes cheerleading is an iconic part of high school, but it doesn’t hurt that her position as captain also gives her leverage to control people.

Challenge… getting over her grief and figuring out what happened to Jason. The official facts aren’t adding up, but everyone loved Jason—unlike Cheryl. Her parents liked Jason better, too, and their attempts to prevent her from grieving her twin in her own way just make Cheryl feel worse.

Personality… self-centered, manipulative, and vain. Cheryl will do or say anything to get what she wants, regardless of the consequences. She cares too much about her appearance, and judges others based on theirs. But there is a more complex personality under the shallow shell, and she might have to reveal it in order to solve her brother’s death.


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