Cherie Currie
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Cherie Currie

The Runaways

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Overview… a quiet teenager with artistic ambitions. Cherie has a style all of her own – “a little Bowie, a little Bardot,” as her manager Kim Fowley says. Cherie has quickly gone from practicing singing in a trailer in the Valley to playing Los Angeles’s biggest clubs with her band The Runaways, along with Joan Jett on guitar. In spite of Cherie's natural introversion she has a sexy stage flair that’s proving to capture America’s attention. Yet such fame does not always mix well with a withdrawn temperament.

Personality… reserved, shy, and troubled. Cherie does not enjoy the pressures of the spotlight, despite all the attention that The Runaways have been getting. The Cherie that sings “Cherry Bomb” on stage to a packed house in a wholly different version from the one backstage.

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