Chase Hammond
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Chase Hammond

Drive Me Crazy

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About Him

Grew Up… next door to his childhood best friend, Nicole, with whom he was completely inseparable.

Living… with his dad after the death of his mother. Chase and Nicole still live next door to each other, and though they no longer interact, their parents often do.     

Interests… social justice, baseball, and music. When Chase and his closest buddies, Ray and Dave, aren’t listening to punk bands like The Electrocutes, they enjoy wreaking havoc on their peers in the form of social protests. 

Relationship Status… recently dumped by his former girlfriend, an intense high school activist named Dulcie who was angered by Chase’s lack of passion and support for a local animal rights group.

Challenge… making Dulcie jealous enough to take him back. He’d agreed to help Nicole because he thought becoming popular would drive Dulcie crazy, but it won’t help unless he and Nicole seriously turn up the heat on their relationship. 

Personality… rebellious, principled, and considerate.  No matter what everyone else seems to think, Chase isn’t a stoner – he’s sensitive and passionate, which sometimes causes him to get a little out of hand. But he’s a loyal friend. Not only is he unwilling to insult his outcast friends while trying to be accepted by the popular crowd, but he also never gives up on Nicole because he knows she’s a good person, even if she’s too peppy for his taste. 

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