Charlotte Pingress
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Charlotte Pingress

The Last Days of Disco

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Living… in “a whole new era in musical and social models!” Charlotte is a proponent of what she and her friends call “the disco movement,” of which Manhattan is practically Mecca in the early 1980s. She shares an apartment with her friend, colleague and fellow club-goer, Alice.

Visiting… the most popular discos every weekend. Charlotte prides herself on being able to get in anywhere ­– she’s driven by her preoccupation with social status. She constantly tries to force her way into the upper echelons of society.

Profession… editorial assistant at a major publishing house, though she’s not completely satisfied with the pay. Plus it turns out it takes about four years to become an associate editor. Alas, patience isn’t exactly Charlotte’s strong suit: “Actually, ultimately I’d like to work in television. But right now what I need is a raise.”

Relationship Status… single, for now. Charlotte is looking for the right man to complete her perfect bourgeois life. She prefers corporate lawyers, to be precise. She has every intention of taking the lead rather than waiting to be found. As she says of her relationships, “Forcing things usually works beautifully.”

Challenge… holding on to the only friend she appears to have. Charlotte is constantly giving her roommate Alice brutally honest advice, with an emphasis on the “brutal.” But Charlotte’s “big personality” may prove a bit much for the shyer and less shallow Alice to handle.

Personality… conceited, supercilious, and status-obsessed. Charlotte thinks of herself as sly and sexy, though most of her friends are beginning to see her for what she truly is: insecure and controlling. She’s pretty sure she’s riding high in life and that things will only get better for her, but that confidence might fade – like her beloved disco.

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