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Charlotte Byrde


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About Her

Living... in Missouri at the lake of the Ozarks with her parents and younger brother Jonah. Out of the blue, her father moved them there from their home in Chicago for his work. Charlotte desperately wants her old life back.

Profession... student. Now that it is the summer, she has some free time on her hands. But in their rural area, there is nothing to do but swim and talk on her phone. Her only friend is her brother Jonah. 

Challenge... dealing with her frustrations. She wants her parents to tell her the truth about what is really going on. And even more than that, she wants to be a normal teenager. Nothing about her situation is normal.

Personality... sarcastic, thick-skinned, and caring. Charlotte is tough and is not afraid to stand up for herself or her family. Even though she constantly argues with her parents, she shows she cares for them. 

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