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Charlie Young

The West Wing

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About Him

Grew up… fast. Charlie had to take on adult responsibilities at a very young age due to his father’s absence. His mother, a police officer, was killed in the line of duty, forcing Charlie to put off his studies and take a job to support himself and his sister.

Living… a life that he’d never imagined for himself in Washington, D.C. Through a lot of hard work and a little good luck, Charlie ended up spending his formative years among the most powerful people in the world.

Profession… personal aide (or “body man”) to President Jed Bartlet. Deputy Chief of Staff Josh Lyman says that Charlie has the “second-hardest job” in the White House: “He’s with the President morning to night. He has a range of responsibilities, all of them difficult. But the one he hates most is this: From time to time it is his job to wake the president up in the morning.”

Relationship Status… single, though Charlie has shown interest in Zoey Bartlet, the President’s youngest daughter. That would definitely complicate his work life and could even cause the President some political backlash since Charlie is African-American and the Bartlets are white. But Charlie, ever the romantic, says, “I don’t think you can reasonably ask someone to control who they fall in love with.”

Challenge… his job. The West Wing of the White House is as pressure-packed as a workplace can get. Charlie is a hardworking, intelligent young man who does his job well, yet he faces a hardship that no other staff member has ever had to deal with: racial prejudice.

Personality… sweet, loyal, and kind. Charlie isn’t merely an assistant to the President, he’s also his valued, if much younger, friend. President Bartlet virtually considers Charlie a member of his family, and Charlie returns the sentiment.

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Charlie Young
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