Charlie Spring

Charlie Spring


Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in Southeast England in a small town with his parents and older sister Tori. His family is supportive and loving—especially his sister who is his closest confidant.

Profession… student at Truham Boys School. Charlie is an excellent student in all subjects (especially math). He has a few close friends at school, but he’s not a fan of many of the other students at his school. As an openly gay student, Charlie is often bullied. Things got so bad last year that he would eat lunch with his teacher to avoid harassment from the other students.

Interests… playing the drums. Charlie plays in the orchestra, and he often uses the drums at home to clear his mind. A fast runner, he was recently recruited to join the rugby team.

Relationship Status… single. He was “dating” fellow student Ben Hope. However, Ben insisted they keep their relationship a secret because Ben hasn’t come out yet. Ben would ignore him at school, not even talking to him in the corridors. When Charlie saw Ben kissing a girl, that was the last straw for Charlie. Charlie says he is looking for someone he can have a laugh with—someone who’s nice and kind and likes being with me. It seems that he may have found that with the school’s star rugby player, Nick Nelson. The only problem is that Charlie suspects he’s straight.

Challenge… overcoming his self-doubt and gaining confidence. According to Charlie’s friend Tao, Charlie has “always had a tendency to believe that him just existing is annoying for other people.” This causes Charlie to often get lost in his head and make decisions based on the idea that no one wants to be around him. However, his relationship with Nick helps him start changing this negative mindset.

Personality… nerdy, caring, and anxious. Charlie jokingly describes himself as a “gay nerd” due to his interests. He cares deeply about those closest to him and tries his best to be a supportive friend. Often saying he’s sorry, Charlie has lost his confidence given everything he’s been through. But hopefully, he’ll come to realize how special he is.


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