Charlie Simms
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Charlie Simms

Scent of a Woman

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About Him

Grew Up… without many advantages. The son of two hard-working convenience store owners, Charlie studied his way into his New England private school by winning a Young American Merit Scholarship.

Living… in his dormitory at The Baird School, an elite private academy. Neither rich nor well connected, Charlie feels completely out of place at Baird, which his friend Frank Slade describes as full of “runny-nosed snots in tweed jackets all studying to be George Bush.”

Visiting… New York City, on an unexpected weekend getaway. After being coaxed into watching a retired army officer, Charlie finds himself accompanying the charming, sophisticated (and blind) Col. Frank Slade on one last luxurious weekend in Manhattan.

Profession… student, though Charlie will take any odd job for a little extra cash. After following up a job opportunity to watch over the elderly Colonel, Charlie unexpectedly finds himself caught in a whirlwind adventure, learning to dance the tango and driving an expensive Ferrari with the mysterious and Col. Slade.

Challenge… bargaining for his future. After witnessing an act of vandalism by some of his wealthy Baird peers, Charlie is brought to the headmaster's office, where Mr. Trask demands Charlie confess up what he saw. Knowing Charlie's poor background, Trask plans to bribe Charlie with a reference letter to Harvard for his information, but Charlie is reluctant to rat out his classmates.

Personality… shy, smart, and innocent. Inexperienced and soft-spoken, Charlie is given a crash course in Life when he meets Frank Slade, who – with his taste for wine, women, and the finer things in life – teaches the introverted Charlie how to live.

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