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Charlie Runkle


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About Him

Living… in Hollywood. Charlie has come a long way from the where he grew up in dregs of the San Fernando Valley. Today, he’s living his dream as a Hollywood big shot.

Profession… salesman. He started his career by selling BMWs. Those skills have helped him do well in Hollywood, except now he’s selling “talent” and scripts rather than cars. As Charlie says, it doesn't matter what you're selling. It’s all a matter of seduction.

Interests... booze and women. Luckily his friend and client, writer Hank Moody, has the same weaknesses. They are often seen around town together.

Relationship Status… married. Charlie has never let his wife Marcy get in the way of his sexual escapades, even though she’s clearly the one who wears the pants in their relationship.

Challenge… overcoming his impulsive sexual urges. Charlie’s libido may end up being his downfall.

Personality… shrewd. Don’t be fooled by his respectable-looking suit; Charlie got to where he is today through grit and determination.

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