Charlie MacKenzie
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Charlie MacKenzie

So I Married an Axe Murderer

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About Him

Grew Up… in an eccentric Scottish-American family. Although his family still lives in San Francisco, you would never know it when you visit them. Their home is a tribute to everything related to Scotland. His father even throws darts at a picture of the English Queen.

Living... in San Francisco. Since he’s an aspiring beat poet, it’s the perfect place for him – the city that started the literary Beatnik revolution.

Profession... assistant manager at City Lights Bookstore. It's been famous ever since Jack Kerouac wrote about it in the book On the Road. He gets so tired of tourists coming in asking for where they can get their copy of the book.

Interests... writing poetry in his journal. He's been doing readings at night and writing more than ever. He’s inspired by the new love in his life.

Relationship Status... recently married. Charlie has always had problems staying in relationships with women. He can always find something wrong with them. That is, until he met Harriet. She seems like the perfect woman, and he proposed to her not too long after they met. There's only one little problem...

Challenge... finding out if Harriet is really an axe murderer. After all, that would really complicate things. Charlie's mother read about a serial killer called Madame X in her favorite tabloid Weekly World News. Harriet seems to have a lot in common with her – having lived in the same cities at the same times and knowing men with the same names. All four men, all newlyweds, all murdered by Madame X. Is he next? Charlie has turned to his to friend Tony Giardino, a police officer, to help protect him.

Personality... usually funny and charming, but lately paranoid and afraid of everything. Shouldn't he be? After all, he could be engaged to an axe murderer! On top of that, that would mean that even if he doesn’t end up dead, he’s failed once again to find a good woman. As his dad says, “Charlie, two words: therapy.”

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