Charlie Kelmeckis

Charlie Kelmeckis

    The Perks of Being a Wallflower
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… friendless, in a Pittsburgh suburb with his parents and popular older sister Candace. Charlie’s best friend, Michael, committed suicide shortly before he started his freshman year of high school. Since then, he’s been lonely and distant.
Profession… student. Charlie feels pretty nervous about starting high school. He’s shy, and he doesn’t make friends easily. During his first day, he didn’t make a connection with anyone besides his English teacher. Luckily, he is eventually befriended by two seniors, Sam and her stepbrother Patrick, who introduce him to the rest of their circle.

Interests… writing and hanging out with his new friends. Charlie is fascinated by his new companions and totally in awe of the fact that people truly like him. Since meeting Sam and Patrick, Charlie has been invited to parties, dances, and even Secret Santa exchanges. He documents his new experiences by writing diary entries in the form of letters.

Relationship Status… single. Charlie is infatuated with Sam even though she has told him “not to think of her like that”. She’s beautiful, kind, and free-spirited, with a penchant for making terrible decisions regarding her love life. Now, Sam is dating Craig, who she believes to be the One. Thus, Charlie is pretty much stuck in the friend-zone.

Challenge… dealing with the recent death of his closest friend while getting through the ups and downs of high school. Sam and Patrick definitely make life much easier, but there is still so much about Charlie that they don’t understand. Not that he is willing to tell them…

Personality… introverted, sensitive, and highly observant. Charlie may be a bystander, but he is a super perceptive one. His new friend Patrick commends him: “You see things and you understand. You’re a wallflower.”


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