Charlie Croker
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Charlie Croker

The Italian Job

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About Him

Living… life on the run – from Los Angeles to Venice and everywhere in between.

Profession… thief. As Charlie says, “I’ve been a thief since I had baby teeth.” Charlie relies heavily on the other members of his team, which consists of: John Bridger, an expert safecracker who is his mentor; Handsome Rob, the “premier wheelman,” a notorious womanizer; Lyle, the “computer genius,” who claims he is the true inventor of Napster; Steve, their inside man; and Left Ear, the “demolition and explosives expert,” who lost hearing in his right ear as a child after setting off one too many M-80 fireworks in the bathroom.

Interests… fast cars, exotic travel, and of course, money.

Relationship Status… single. Charlie is an attractive guy who has a way with the ladies, but he has been too busy to settle down.

Challenge… dealing with the fallout from their latest heist, a huge job Charlie had been planning for the last three months.The good news is that Charlie and his team were successful at stealing $35 million of gold bricks from a group of Venetian gangsters. The bad news is that one of the members of his team double-crossed him. Charlie is seeking revenge. 

Personality… likeable, for someone who steals for a living. Although Charlie is the ringleader of the group, he is somewhat reserved and low-key. He is along for the ride, and it’s a fast one at that.

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