Charlie Babbitt
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Charlie Babbitt

Rain Man

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About Him

Grew Up... raised by his single father, but they had a falling-out a long time ago. His father tried to contact him over the years, but Charlie never called him back. And now it's too late; he died recently and cut Charlie out of his will. He was upset about that, but now it's not about the money. He’s more upset about discovering a secret that his father kept from him.

Living… in Los Angeles where he is a high-end car salesman. But L.A.'s spot emissions standards are ruining his business. When they go into effect in a few months, he will be stuck with four Lamborghinis that can't meet the standards.

Visiting... his brother Raymond for the first time in his life. He found out about him when the will was disclosed. Charlie just got a used car and rose bushes, but Raymond got all of their Dad's money – about $3 million. All the money is being directed to an institution where the autistic Raymond lives. Charlie checks Raymond out, and they head back to L.A. But Raymond won't fly or even drive on the highways, so they're taking the back roads. It's going to be a long trip.

Interests... gambling. Charlie has decided to stop in Las Vegas on the way back, thinking Raymond may be a natural at blackjack because he is a math genius. As it turns out, Raymond is a savant, able to do complex card counting in an instant.

Relationship Status... completely unattached. His ex-girlfriend Susanna thought he was using Raymond, so she broke up with him.

Challenge... re-discovering old memories. He didn't think he had any recollections of Raymond, but some are coming back to him. Getting Raymond to co-operate is no mean feat, either – his new-found brother is very peculiar.

Personality... selfish. So many people have called him that, including his late father and Susanna. Raymond is the only one who sees the warmer side of Charlie. He even gave Charlie a hug. Raymond doesn't like to be touched, so that meant a lot.

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