Charlie Allnut
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Charlie Allnut

The African Queen

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About Him

Living… on the rivers of German held east-Africa. Currently, he spends most of his time running supplies to the village of Kundu, where two English siblings are doing missionary work.

Profession… captain of his trusty ship, The African Queen. It’s a finicky old ship, and “there ain't nobody in Central Africa but yours truly knows how to get up a head of steam on The African Queen.” But Charlie knows her secrets, and can keep her humming along as well as any other ship on the river.

Interests… boats, cigars, and survival. Charlie Allnut is a gruff, no nonsense kind of guy – a personality that initially puts him at odds with the respectable widowed missionary, Rose Sayer. Despite their initial lack of connection, the two are going to have to depend on each other as they make their way down the Ulanga River, out of German territory and hopefully to safety.

Relationship Status… single, although he has an undeniable attraction to his new partner, Rose Sayer. In fact, he likes her enough that this whole Africa business – German gunboats and raging rapids included – was worth it just to meet her.

Challenge… escaping the German controlled part of Africa. Now that the Germans have declared war on the British, the formerly quiet region of East Africa is exploding into violence. Charlie and Rose’s only hope of escape is to travel down the Ulanga River to safety. Unfortunately, even if they make it past the German fort and the vicious river rapids, at the end of the river they’ll still have to face the German gunboat, the Louisa. Seeing no other way to safety, Rose and Charlie hatch a daring scheme to turn the African Queen into a torpedo boat and sink the heart of the East-African German war machine. It’s a borderline suicidal plan, but it’s the only one they’ve got.

Personality… tough as nails. Charlie’s spent his life living in a hard region, doing a hard job. His time as the captain of the African Queen has forged him into a self-reliant and confident man. He can be crude, and he’s undeniably a little rough around the edges. But if you can get past his gruff exterior you’ll find a man who is brave, compassionate, and selfless – despite his insistence to the contrary.

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