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Four Weddings and a Funeral

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Living… through a series of short-lived relationships in England. Charles has gone from relationship to relationship without ever settling down. His life drastically changes after he has a one-night stand at one of the weddings he goes to.

Profession… a perpetual bachelor, until now. No, it's not a traditional job, but as far as anyone can tell it's as close as Charles gets to work.

Interests… finding someone to settle down with. While Charles professes pride at being single to his friends, it is clear that he is tired of being seated at the singles table at weddings. But it takes Charles a while to figure it out.

Relationship Status… single. But he is head over heels in love with an American, Carrie, whom he meets (and sleeps with) at a wedding. The free-spirited Carrie, though, was not ready to make any commitments when the two first met. Then she did make a commitment, but it was by getting engaged to another man.

Challenge… winning Carrie back. Alas, she is getting married to a Scottish politician, Sir Hamish Banks. Charles wants to finally figure out a way to express his feelings to Carrie, even if it's in his usual meandering (and very English) stammer. But it might be too late. In the meantime, Charles wants to avoid his ex, Henrietta – unless he actually decides that Henrietta is as good as he's going to do and he might as well marry her. Yes, his love life is a mess.

Personality… charming, bumbling, and afraid to make a commitment. Loyal to his friends and a lovely wedding guest – there's a reason he keeps getting invited to them – Charles is having a tough time with the "happily ever after" part of life. He's not even sure he wants it, frankly, or what he wants at all for that matter. But he does want Carrie, he knows that.

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