Charles McGill

Charles McGill

    Better Call Saul

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… as an academically gifted prodigy. Charles has always held the intellectual advantage over those around him, especially his little brother, Jimmy. As a result, he generally tends to carry an aura of confidence about him and was primed for a successful and luxurious life from a young age.

Living… alone in a beautiful home. Something of a recluse, Charles’ recent past is a bit murky. With such an incredible mind, and such a stressful profession, he is bound to experience a significant amount of inner turmoil—and it appears to be catching up to him as he gets older.

Profession… a successful and distinguished lawyer. A founding partner of HHM, Charles built up the law firm’s reputation through years of hard, mentally taxing work. Even in spite of his extended absence, with his incredible wit and legal knowledge, Charles commands respect in the courtroom.

Interests… reading the newspaper and researching his illness. Even when secluded in his home, Charles still looks for ways to keep his mind sharp. By reading up on current events and gaining insight into his supposed electromagnetic hypersensitivity, he is constantly hoping to make a swift return back to his normal life.

Relationship status… single. Although Charles is an incredibly intelligent and successful man, he has difficulty maintaining relationships because of his mild arrogance and somewhat limited casual social skills. Either way, in his current condition, Charles is in no place to be seeking a new relationship, as his own health is his priority.

Challenge… fighting a mysterious illness that has fallen upon him. Charles has always been an independent and capable man, but when he is struck by such a misfortune, he must learn how to be vulnerable and rely on others to support him through it. His whole life he has always had his hands full with Jimmy, but now Charles must turn to him for help and support.

Personality… intelligent, successful, and punctual. Charles utilizes his intellectual gifts to uphold his hefty reputation. However, his incredible perceptiveness can make maintaining relationships outside of his professional aura somewhat difficult for him. Regardless, he takes great pride in his accomplishments as an esteemed lawyer and pours the majority of his energy into his professional achievements, which bring him a feeling of purpose.


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