Charles Gunn
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Charles Gunn


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About Him

Grew up… in a bad part of Los Angeles, where he had to look after his younger sister after the death of his grandmother, who taught him to hunt vampires before she died. 

Living… in Los Angeles. He’s really never known anything else. But moving from the inner-city to Angel Investigations is a pretty big change.

Profession… demon hunter. After joining Angel Investigations, Gunn attempts to remain faithful to his guerrilla demon hunting gang. But ultimately he chooses Angel Investigations, realizing it is where he can do the most good. Still, he often feels guilty about not constantly being able to protect his friends.  

Interests… vampire hunting. It’s really all he’s ever known. He’s particularly talented at hand-to-hand combat and military strategy. 

Relationship Status… single, mostly because his attention is focused elsewhere. At least until Fred joins the team after being rescued from Pylea. 

Challenge… finding his place. Gunn has always felt like the world has forced him to be an outcast. He feels responsible for the safety of his friends and family to the point where he distances himself from everyone in order to handle the immense burden.

Personality… stubborn, loyal, and protective. Gunn is used to being the leader, and so it’s hard for him to take orders from his boss Angel – or anyone else – when he first joins the team. But he’s fiercely loyal to his friends, regardless of whether they’re old or new, and he is willing to go to extreme lengths and risk his own life for anyone at Angel Investigations. 

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