Charles Carson
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Charles Carson

Downton Abbey

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About Him

Living… in Yorkshire, England. Charles Carson is a Downton institution. He has been at the estate since he was a boy and knows it inside-out, having cared for the place for many, many years.

Profession… butler. Carson’s job is his life, and he’ll do anything to uphold the honor of Downton and the Crawley family: “You must remember that a good servant at all times retains a sense of pride and dignity that reflects the pride and dignity of the family he serves.” And there is no man more proud and dignified than Charles Carson.

Interests… cleaning the manor. He can spot a scratch on a candelabra from a mile away. An ordinary man wouldn’t give the tiny mark a second thought, but Carson is no ordinary man. Even the smallest imperfections weigh on his conscience and he can’t help but fix them.

Relationship Status… a bachelor. Carson doesn’t have a wife or kids. The Crawleys and his fellow staff members are his family.

Challenge… taking care of Downton Abbey. In addition to performing his own duties, Carson directs the rest of the servants to ensure that the household is being run efficiently. There isn’t a single person who has escaped a scolding. As Daisy the kitchen maid says at one point, “We’ve all had a smack from Mr. Carson.” Not literally, of course – Carson is too proper to ever raise a hand against anyone – but even an eyebrow raise from him can seem a stinging rebuke.

Personality… stern and fatherly. Charles Carson may seem like a grumpy and uptight fellow, but he does have a soft side, especially when it comes to the Crawley family. He treats Lady Mary as if she was his own daughter. The other servants are sometimes afraid of him, but most of them recognize that he is a rare specimen—a true “old-style” butler in a modernizing world.

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