Charles Boyle

Charles Boyle

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... alone in an apartment in New York. He recently ended his relationship with his ex-wife and got his own place but the apartment complex is owned by her new boyfriend, so he still has the “pleasure” of seeing her from time to time.

Profession... detective at the 99th Precinct of the New York Police Department. He is very dedicated to the force, even receiving a medal of valor for taking a bullet for a fellow officer. He accepted his award modestly, too, saying that he simply did "what any good cop would do.” Charles spends most of his time at work emulating his good friend, sometimes partner and all-around idol Jake Peralta, a fellow detective. Charles admires Jake’s professional chops as well as his witty, headstrong personality.

Interests... foodie. Charles justifiably considers himself an expert on all types of cuisines, from pizza to pie to molecular gastronomy.

Relationship Status... divorced. His marriage recently ended but he seems to be taking it well. He hasn't really dated much since but has repeatedly expressed his interest in colleague Detective Rosa Diaz, who has just as repeatedly declined his offers for a date. Even so he remains hopeful, telling her, "When you finally go out with me, and you will, it'll be because I do things that only Charles Boyle would do." When Charles does start a new relationship, however, he tends to get too serious too quickly and scares the woman away, a phenomenon that Jake dubs “The Full Boyle.”

Challenge... fighting his natural submissiveness. Charles is timid, coming off as too nice to say no to anyone and unable to get angry, even when a situation calls for it. For example, he lives in an apartment owned by his ex-wife’s new boyfriend, yet claims to find the situation delightful rather than humiliating: "He's actually a very good landlord. Sometimes when they go on nice vacations, I'm allowed to use the hot tub." Charles needs to learn to stand up for himself more, or life will just roll right over him.

Personality... big-hearted, goofy, clumsy, well-meaning, and hard-working. Charles is extremely devoted to his job and his friends. But because he’s always willing to help others without complaint, sometimes people take Charles for granted or, worse yet, take advantage of him. Charles is basically the human equivalent of a puppy, always looking to please, looking up with his big eyes and (figuratively) wagging his tail. And really, who doesn’t like puppies?


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