Charlene Fleming
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Charlene Fleming

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About Her

Grew Up… in a working-class family in Massachusetts. Gaining street cred from a young age, Charlene learned how to talk back with the best of them. She could always hold her own in an argument and doesn’t let anyone get away with anything... unless she wants them to.

Living… in Lowell, Mass., where she spends most of her time tending bar, where regular drunks are her main companions. She’s surprised when someone as respectful as Micky Ward comes around and shows sincere interest. Sadly, his family doesn’t approve of as her as much as Micky does, and she has to defend herself often to them.

Profession… bartender. Maybe she likes this job because of the “good company” and attention she gets, or maybe she just loves to drink. Either way, she’s a good fit at a bar because she can dish back the insults faster than most drunkards. And this is working-class Massachusetts we’re talkin’ about.

Interests… catfights, holding her own, and believing in Micky, who is currently trying to rise to the top of the professional boxing world.

Relationship Status… dating Micky Ward, who isn’t nearly as much trouble as his family. He has seven sisters, each of whom are trashier than the next, and they have a strange protective relationship with Micky – or else they just love to trash-talk any girl who walks into their house.

Challenge… proving herself to Micky’s family – especially to his mother Alice, who keeps forgetting (or pretending to forget) that she’s even met Charlene. As she angrily explains to Alice, “I’m Charlene. We just met. We’re together. Do we need to do this again? Hi, I’m Charlene.”

Personality… strong, fearless, and a smack-talker to be reckoned with. Call her a name, and she’ll call you two. Take her for granted, and she’ll be gone as fast as she arrived. Charlene not only needs to be courted like a lady; she also demands being treated like one…even if she doesn’t usually act like one.

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