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Living... in the midst of violence. Although the Chaplain's a religious man, it's hard to maintain faith when you're living in the thick of World War II.  

Visiting… Pianosa, Italy, where the 256th Squadron is currently located and fighting on the Italian front.

Profession… chaplain to the 256th. Because he doesn't do any actual fighting, a lot of people think the Chaplain has it pretty easy, but nothing could be further from the truth. True, the Chaplain doesn't kill anyone, but it's not easy trying to give spiritual counsel to a group of cynical, often shell-shocked soldiers.

Interests… distracting himself from the war. As a religious man, the Chaplain can't exactly engage in the common pastimes of drinking, gambling, and whoring. He worries constantly about his wife and children, and wonders how they’re able to get on without him.

Relationship Status… happily married. The Chaplain loves his wife dearly, describing her as "intuitive, gentle, compassionate and responsive," and he hates the fact that his wartime duties are keeping him from his family.

Challenge… retaining his faith in the face of violence and cruel bureaucrats. If it weren't bad enough that he's stuck in a warzone, the Chaplain is constantly bullied by his superiors, who seem to take great pleasure in making the mild-mannered man uncomfortable.  

Personality… moral, but timid and full of self-doubt. The chaplain wants to do the right thing, but he often lacks the courage to stand up to his superiors. The Chaplain’s painfully aware of his own cowardice, and it’s caused him no end of self-hatred and self-doubt – helped along by his bullies. Still, in the midst of a brutal war, it's refreshing to see someone so genuinely devout and principled. 

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