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Living… in Toronto, in an apartment she shares with her boyfriend and their cat.

Visiting… Dublin, where her boyfriend is currently away on business for an entire year. The distance may have strained their relationship, but that’s nothing a quick trip across the Atlantic can’t fix… right?

Profession… animator for a large design firm. Chantry is great at her job, and has been offered a promotion. The only thing is, it would involve moving to Taiwan, and Chantry has a whole life in Toronto.

Interests… drawing, The Princess Bride, and weird facts. After running into each other at a showing of their favorite movie, Chantry and Wallace bond by surprising each other with odd, probably-true information they find on the internet.

Relationship Status… in a long-term relationship with her very mature and successful boyfriend, Ben. In addition to working at the United Nations, Ben is an attractive, thoughtful guy who loves to cook and supports Chantry’s career.

Challenge… figuring out if she really has feelings for Wallace, or if she just misses her boyfriend. With Ben out of the country, Wallace has taken his place in Chantry’s life – minus the whole sex-and-romance thing. Even so, could this be the universe’s way of pointing her in a new direction?

Personality… optimistic, unassuming, and goofy. Chantry is a caring person and a really great friend. She’s not particularly assertive, which is why she initially turns down the offer of a job promotion from her boss. Unfortunately for Wallace, Chantry’s sweet, laidback nature is also the reason that she often tries to make relationships work long past their expiration date. 

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