Chandra Nalaar

Chandra Nalaar

    Magic: The Gathering

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… on the plane of Kaladesh. A bright and bustling plane characterized by a city-like environment and powered by eccentric metal artifacts fueled by Aether. Unlike many other planes in the Multiverse, the use of magic is uncommon as citizens prefer to make use of their functional artifacts instead. In fact, pyromancy is banned, leading to some problems for citizens like Chandra.

Living… somewhere in the Multiverse. Chandra is not a sedentary figure and is constantly on the move and on some kind of mission or adventure.

Profession… pyromancer and founding member of the Gatewatch. As a member of this noble crew, Chandra aims to harness her explosive power to a cause for the good of the Multiverse and ensures the safety of her friends.

Interests… fire, explosions, and her friends. Chandra has a love for destruction and is often unconcerned about the collateral of her impulsive actions. However, she is incredibly loyal and does have a soft spot for her friends that drives her to realign her values.

Relationship Status… single. Chandra is pansexual and is known for having a passionate personality. She’s not the type to settle down.

Challenge… harnessing her power. Chandra possesses an incredible natural talent for pyromancy, but such an explosive skill can often make things go very wrong. She has an incredible amount of potential to use her powers for good, but she works to make sure that her recklessness does not ultimately do more harm than good.

Personality… passionate, hot-headed, and imperfect, but doing her best. Chandra represents the essence of the color red in the game of magic: powerful, and explosive, but sometimes reckless. She has made mistakes in her past, but that does not stop her from doing what is right in the end.


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