Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in the home of scientist and researcher Doctor William Rodman. Caesar is the offspring of chimpanzees used to test an experimental Alzheimer’s drug called ALZ-112. When Caesar’s mother was exposed to the drug, she grew violent and was eventually killed. Caesar, however, exhibited none of his mother’s violent tendencies and exists as a vindication of the drug’s potential. In fact, his exposure to ALZ-112 left him as intelligent as any human.

Living… in the Redwood Forest north of San Francisco. While Caesar holds a more sympathetic view of humanity than most of his fellow apes, he recognizes their cruel tendencies. He stole a gaseous form of ALZ-112 to create a society of intelligent apes. Unfortunately, the drug is lethal for humans – leading to a flu epidemic that ended with the collapse of human civilization. It’s been 10 years since the virus started to spread and the apes haven’t seen a human in two years. They’re beginning to question whether any humans survived the plague.

Profession… unquestionable leader of a hyper-intelligent ape society. Apes have prospered in the last ten years of his rule – swelling their numbers, building comfortable homes, establishing laws, and creating traditions to safeguard their future.

Interests… ensuring the continued success of his apekind. Caesar has the final word on everything the apes do, a position that places enormous pressure on him. Caesar tries to spend his limited free time with his wife and sons, but the reality of his position is that he’s always busy.

Relationship Status… happily married. Caesar’s wife just gave birth to their second son. Their first son, Blue-Eyes, is growing up to be a strong and intelligent ape (although headstrong and arrogant).

Challenge… dealing with the colony of surviving humans that have recently re-inhabited San Francisco. Humans are determined to reactivate a hydroelectric dam in the heart of ape territory; it is their only chance at restoring power and making contact with any other survivors. While Caesar wants nothing more than peace, conflict seems inevitable. If there’s any hope of resolving things peacefully, Caesar will have to trust the humans – something his closest advisor, Koba, staunchly disagrees with.

Personality… strong, wise, and proud. Caesar is a natural leader. He is the greatest of the apes, both physically and in terms of intellect. He takes the welfare of his fellow apes seriously and is loath to endanger them unless he absolutely has to. He distrusts humans but recognizes that they aren’t universally evil. While a ferocious enemy, he’s a loving friend and family man who will do anything to protect the apes he loves.


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