Catherine Boyd
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Catherine Boyd


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Overview...  the sweet and smart niece of Albert Einstein. Catherine meets a nice-guy mechanic, Ed, but doesn’t think much more of it at first for two reasons. First, she’s engaged, to a pompous intellectual. Second, as she puts it: “He’s a mechanic!” But her Uncle Albert, whom she lives with, thinks Ed would be a great match for his Catherine. So the renowned genius and his scientist pals set out to make Catherine fall for Ed.

Personality... genuine, intelligent, and responsible. Catherine puts others before herself, perhaps to a fault, and is sometimes a little too worried about appearances. She thinks her fiancé is a great match, for instance, because he checks all the boxes of the kind of man she has always expected herself to end up with. Ed doesn’t really meet any of them, frankly. But maybe it’s her checklist that’s the problem, not Ed.

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